What are the benefits of using the Easy Business In Milan service?
  • A network of firms and professionals working together towards the same objective: providing the best possible service in a coordinated manner for a foreign enterprise.
  • A Milan-based headquarters, close to the Duomo, where all meetings can be held, where we can sit down with you, discuss your proposed business venture and then work together to make it happen.
  • A project manager tailoring and coordinating all the professionals you will need.
  • An experienced team sharing strong ethics, tailored for your business needs, speaking your language and with expertise in your cultural and geographical area.
  • Team members working in their respective areas to bring your projects to life: marketing & sales, communications, company advisory, finance, human resources, logistics and real estate.
  • Tailored, turnkey sets of services. Our primary goal is to provide you with all the services you need and exceed your expectations.

Do you have headquarters?
Yes indeed. Our headquarters are located in Corso Italia 9, a short walk from the Duomo Square in Milan, and close to the metro stops “Duomo” (Lines 1 and 3) and “Missori” (Line 3). This is where the Easy Business in Milan staff is based. The professionals and firms in our network have their own offices, all of which may easily be reached by taxi or public transport; taxis and public transport also provide easy connections between Milan and its three airports: Milan Malpensa airport, Milan Linate airport and Orio al Serio (Milan-Bergamo) airport.

Who will be my point of contact?
Our CEO himself, Valerio Piacentini. Our goal is to provide a single point of contact for clients regarding their project. Whether you want to open a showroom in Milan, develop temporary events or are settling your business, our CEO is the person who will discuss your business proposal with you. He will sit down with you and present to you your tailored team. He will then project manage all the professionals and firms your project requires. You may also contact each member singularly, through his or her own profile page.

Why is your network based on teamwork?
We all understand getting to know people and businesses, and developing trust, communication and linguistic skills, makes the business process easier, more efficient and more profitable. We present one member from each profession for every country team, to coordinate ourselves better; our professionals and companies work cooperatively together and share linguistic and geographical expertise.

How do you choose your professionals?
Easy Business in Milan has selected B2B entrepreneurs and corporate professionals, ranging across all the services a foreign enterprise would need to do business; more than simply because of the quality of their work and/or service, we choose our team members because of their business links with a geographical area.

All CEOs and designated representatives listed in our network have their own staff; Easy Business in Milan can in this way count on almost 400 people.

I do not need all of your services, as I can partly rely on my own staff, or I do not know which professionals my business idea will require. What can you do for me?
Of course: this is why we tailor our teams, and this is why our project manager service will suggest to you which professionals you will need. Please mention this to the project manager – link PM form.

I cannot find a team related to my country. What can you do for me?
If such a team does not already exist, we will put one together that can provide proper linguistic support and is able in any case to provide you with the best quality services that you require. Please write to the project manager at – link PM form.

You state you work with institutions. Which ones?
Easy Business in Milan is partner and advisor to Invest in Lombardy, the Milan Chamber of Commerce’s investment programme. Some of our team members have also worked for other financial and cultural institutions, such as foreign Chambers of Commerce and Universities. Further information is available on their own personal pages.

Are you part of the Expo organisation?
No. We do not provide services within the EXPO organisation. For this large event our aim is to promote and create business throughout the city.

I would like to join you. What kind of partners are you looking for?
We look for top calibre, Milan-based independent professionals and B2B firms with expertise at an international level. Please connect with us via LinkedIn. We examine every submission carefully and, if we are interested in yours, we will contact you to organise an initial meeting.

These FAQs have not answered my question. Who can I ask?
Our Customer Care staff will be happy to help. If you require further or other information, please get in touch with our Customer Care service using our "contact us" form, or by e-mail at | subject line: "Customer Care" .

Our contact us form is available 24X7 for technical support. Please include your questions or the exact details of the problem you are encountering. We will research the problem and reach you via email as soon as possible. You may also contact us by phone Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Italian time at +39 02 80509352.

What is your privacy policy?
Privacy Policy
Easy Business in Milan and its affiliates recognise the privacy concerns of our clients and potential clients who visit our website. We want you to be aware that we collect information through our website for our internal use. We intend to use information collected only in the normal course of our business and as permitted by law. No personal information is required when you visit our website; however, certain non-personal information is collected in order to help us to better provide the services we offer.

Personal Information
We may collect non-public personal information about you from any or all of the following sources: contact-forms and e-mails received from you, claims information provided in the event of a claim, Google Analytics.
We may keep the e-mails you send to us, and we may store a cookie on your computer when you visit our website. We do not disclose any non-public personal information we gather about our clients or former clients to anyone, except as permitted by law. We do not disclose non-public personal information about you to related or third-party service companies. We restrict access to your non-public personal information to those team members who need to know that information in order to provide services to you.
For further information regarding our privacy policy or for information we may have received from you, please contact us at: | subject: “Privacy Policy”.


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