A €260million plan for Italy: outbound and inbound opportunities for growth and investment

Milan - March 10, 2015

On Thursday 26 February Italy’s Minister for Economic Development, Federica Guidi, signed the decree implementing the investment programme aimed at enhancing the “Made in Italy” brand.

The main goals of the decree are the enhancement of the image of “Made in Italy” and the boosting of the number of enterprises operating on a global scale, in order to increase exports by €50 billion over the next three years, and facilitate foreign investment and the setting up of enterprises in Italy, all the more so given the Milan EXPO 2015 that is starting in just two months.

One initiative to attract foreign investment in Italy that is financed by the programme involves the staging of the first "Invest in Italy opportunities" global roadshow. The roadshow will visit the world’s most important financial centres, showing off the opportunities the country has to offer and providing all necessary technical support and staff training to foreign companies, in order to make their arrival in Italy as competitive and profitable as possible.


Editorial Staff
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