Italia Startup Visa: open doors for startups

Milan - July 2, 2014

On June 24th the Italian Minister of Economic Development, Federica Guidi, presented Italia Startup Visa, an innovative procedure for entrepreneurs and startuppers from outside the EU who wish to found their enterprise in Italy.

From now on, Italia Startup Visa will give foreign entrepreneurs access to an online procedure for obtaining a visa to enter Italy in no more than 4 weeks. This project is part of Destinazione Italia, an extensive collection of laws and rules unveiled by the government and aimed at attracting foreign investments to the Bel Paese, including tax breaks and lower registration costs.

Startups in the fields of artisanal and industrial products, agriculture, digital information, high tech and services for R&D can apply through the Ministry’s website. The Ministry for Economic Development will itself be in charge of granting the visa. An expert committee will assess the business plan and, 12 months after setting up the business, entrepreneurs running successful startups will have their visa automatically renewed for 3 years.

Editorial Staff
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