Giorgio Armani's tribute to Milan: the Armani Silos, opening in May 2015

Milan - July 23, 2014

During his Emporio Armani fashion show in June, Giorgio Armani stated that he is set to open his own 24,000 square metre museum to coincide with the opening of EXPO in May 2015 and the related events to be held citywide. Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, and located in the former Nestlé factory at Via Bergognone 46, directly in front of the Armani Theatre, the Armani Silos museum will allow visitors and fashion scholars to take a stroll through the history of Giorgio Armani and Italian fashion.

The Armani Silos will host an archive, as well as permanent and temporary exhibitions. Acting as “a reservoir of ideas”, it aims to encourage research and stimulate creativity, the designer told journalists. According to Armani, the goal is to bring "even more glory" to Milan, where his career and success began, leading ultimately to his current status as a fashion and Made in Italy icon. The Armani Silos “is something important, my own kind of Tate Gallery”, Armani continued. The project, unveiled on the occasion of his 80th birthday and his brand’s 40th anniversary, has in fact been many years in the making. In the early part of this century, after his A Retrospective exhibition travelled from the Guggenheim Museum in New York to Bilbao, Berlin, London, Milan, Rome, Shanghai and Tokyo, the designer had expressed his desire for a permanent space.

Armani has recently confirmed sponsorship of the entire cost of a Reinassance exhibition at the Brera Art Gallery, the most important in Milan. This autumn masterpieces created by Bramante, Leonardo da Vinci and other Renaissance artists will be transported to Milan from the Uffizi in Florence, the Staatens Museum in Copenhagen and Windsor Castle. This decision can only been seen as good news, further enhancing the reputation of the designer and his brand.

The practice of artistic patronage and sponsorship that has characterised the last two thousand years of artistic endeavour is now a key resource for brands to gain endorsement, and a way of confirming and increasing brand awareness and value. With the new “Art Bonus” (read more here), new opportunities will be made available for companies to provide direct and financial support to the arts.

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