Smart Energy EXPO. An international venue for the most innovative energy efficiency professionals

Milan - September 23, 2014

Smart Energy Expo, the international exhibition focused on processes, products and technologies for the efficient use of energy, is ready to go. A B2B event, the exhibition is scheduled for 8-10 October 2014 at the Verona Exhibition Centre in the beautiful city of Verona, and is being organised by Veronafiere with the technical partnership of EfficiencyKNow.

Thanks to the great success of the first edition, held in 2013, the goal of Smart Energy Expo is now to become the European landmark for technologies, products and solutions based on energy efficiency policy. The venue is where the most important and innovative players in smart energy management will meet this autumn. In fact, the exhibition will bring together final purchase decision makers, influencers as well as technical experts and professionals involved in the white-green energy sector across all areas of our society: industry and transport, but also public administration, agriculture and cities, the tertiary sector and services, homes and lifestyle.

Smart Energy Expo is a great opportunity for professionals and trade operators to gain visibility, as the event hosts high-profile scientific conferences about the dynamic and evolving energy market. It is an opportunity for visibility for brands, and is of benefit to all professionals, private citizens and Public Administrations as it allows them to learn, evaluate and select tools in order to undertake lifestyle efficiency-oriented action.

Attendees at this three day event will benefit from learning about all the multiple business opportunities that exist in the white-green economy, and all energy efficiency and renewable source sectors, such as solar, wind, bio-energy, smart grids and geothermal. The high-level business profile of Smart Energy Expo and the scientific profile of its conferences have attracted patronage from all the following European, National, Regional and academic institutions.

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