Smart&Start: new funding opportunities for startups

Milan - January 7, 2015

Just a year after its successful launch a new, extended 2.0 edition of the funding initiative Smart&Start is NOW unveiled, with the aim of spreading digital economy entrepreneurship and businesses even wider, enhancing research and attracting “Italian brains” and PhDs back from abroad.

Applications may be submitted from Monday 16th February 2015 at 12.00 midday Italian Time, and will be considered in chronological order of receipt.

On the table are €200 million of loans to fund investment programs and running costs for start-ups with the following prerequisites: either small sized start-ups, founded no more than 4 years ago and registered in the Italian Business Register, or individuals willing to launch a start-up. Business plans must be characterized by significant technological and innovative content, focused on developing digital economy projects and services or on enhancing and bringing to market the results of public or private research.

Funding amounts –from €100,000 up to €1.5 million– are to be repaid interest-free in 10 years; they may cover up to 70% of the total investment value, rising as high as 80% for start-ups founded by women, entrepreneurs under 35 years old, or involving Italian PhDs living abroad and returning to Italy to work on the project. Start-ups with a life of less than 12 months will also benefit from specialized services for technical and management tutoring.

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