Easy Business in Milan's aim is to assist foreign enterprises in doing business in Milan. With experienced professionals and a team-based approach, the network provides ground-breaking, singular and tailored B2B consulting services, covering all your business needs, at every stage of your business.

Easy Business in Milan focuses on Italy’s main industrial, commercial and financial centre. The global capital of fashion and design, Milan is the natural gateway for foreign companies to enter Italy. We understand that doing business in a foreign country is challenging. The firms and professionals in our network are all Milan-based, and are ready to sit down with you, discuss your proposed business venture and then work together to make it happen. Our project manager will tailor and coordinate your team – selecting not just the team members you need, but those with expertise in your language and geographical area. Your team members will work together on their respective areas to bring your project to life: marketing & sales, communications, company advisory, finance, human resources, logistics and real estate.

Here at Easy Business in Milan we have gained in-depth knowledge and experience of helping start-ups and mid-sized companies over many years, and in assisting them we work closely with institutions such as the Italian and foreign Chambers of Commerce. Whether you are yet to land in Milan or are already here, whether your business is for the short-term or the long term, or involves sponsorship of a cultural event, our team can assist you in all your particular business needs, guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Milan EXPO
May 1, 2015 – October 31, 2015

150 countries, 100,000 enterprises and 200 million people.

The city of Milan will be given over in its entirety to the extraordinary event that is EXPO. With its 9.3 million inhabitants and more than 650 fashion showrooms, the metropolitan area of Milan is the capital of design, fashion and music, the epicentre of the country's service sector, and produces 10% of Italian GDP.

Here at Easy Business in Milan, we are ready for EXPO and we are ready to bring your projects to life – whether you are an enterprise or a government body. We can raise awareness of your brand across the city, through events, exhibitions, permanent and temporary stores, and other activities.