Paolo Oddi was born in Piacenza in 1970. He graduated from the University of Milan in 1995, with a thesis in European law on the freedom of movement for workers in the EU, and is now a lawyer specialised in immigration law.

As a law firm partner for many years, he has long-standing experience in legal advice, advocacy and consultancy for citizens, corporations and public entities, both foreign and Italian, on immigration, business and entry visas and family reunion issues. Since 2013 Paolo has also been entitled to defend his clients in front of the highest courts in Italy (Corte di Cassazione and Consiglio di Stato).

Paolo is a trainer and consultant in immigration law for private and public entities; he is a professor in courses for lawyers and other professionals. An author of articles on the subject, he participates in numerous conferences.

Paolo is a founding creator of Studio Incipit, where he currently works. Based in Milan, Studio Incipit's multidisciplinary network of professionals provides focused assistance on immigration and culture shock. Incipit's team of legal and psychological professionals have in fact developed a totally innovative and successful form of applied assistance, combining legal and social perspectives, including social security-related matters.

Legal advice and assistance for work visa applications and permits for:   
1. Intra-EU and extra-EU corporate employees and staff teams
2. Freelancers
3. Performing artists, entertainment and film industry personnel
4. Fashion models and personnel

How to request a short/long term visa and an EU Blue Card
We provide assistance for the issuing of the required certifications, licenses and authorisations, or the receiving of notices of commencement of business activity for corporate executives and freelancers such as the self-employed, merchants, artisans, brokers, designers, architects, etc.

How to apply for Elective Residence visas and permits

For immigrants with substantial and steady economic resources deriving from private income (pensions or annuities), property, stable economic and commercial business activities or other sources with suitable lodgings in Italy, including in partnership with real estate agencies.

How to apply for a family reunion  
We assist our foreign clients in all the legal steps for a successful family reunion request. Italian law allows foreign citizens with a residence permit in Italy, or a work visa for employment, self-employment or study, valid for at least one year, to request entry visas into Italy for their family members.

Linguistic assistance in all the bureaucratic steps in front of public authorities (such as embassies or consulates, Italian police stations, prefectures, municipalities, labour offices, etc.)
Studio Incipit works in partnership with a team of interpreters and translators to provide complete, helpful legal assistance.