Born in Milan in 1974, Alessio is a young and successful entrepreneur who works in the field of counseling aimed at finding public resources to support Company’s investments both nationally and internationally.

His company helps businesses start up and implement their projects for growth and research & development by means of fundraising at Regional, National and Municipal levels.

Investment and innovation are vital words for any company thinking about its development and expansion. The current European and National regulations provide for the allocation of funds for productive investment, development, technological innovation and research & development projects, which are facilitated primarily through the provision of grants, tax incentives or other advantageous forms of facilitation, which we describe below:

  • Soft loans: these provide a drastic reduction in financial charges and repayments spread over time.
  • Grants: these are the financial resources allocated to businesses, with no repayment obligation, calculated as a percentage of costs considered "eligible".  Grants are a valuable development tool for businesses that are often unable to overcome the obstacle that sometimes is insurmountable, represented by the initial cost of installation.
  • Tax bonuses: these are conceptually similar to grants, as the funds are not repaid to the source, but can be used by the company to offset its tax burden.
Interfin Srl operates and is focused only on concrete proposals: with our advice we attend to the investment initiatives of our clients, but only when it is needed, is appropriate and when it is makes financial sense. We guide our clients towards success in their investments.

Find Resources and Opportunities
Great skill in finding resources and opportunities most suited to the company’s business needs.

Business Networks
Thanks to very extensive business contacts database, the creation of business networks in order to participate in National and European calls for funding is key to how Interfin Srl fosters success.
Internationalization Processes
Extensive knowledge of public tools in the project financing area that are available to companies to support their expansion in foreign markets.

Project Management
Huge ability to manage complex projects and R&D investment projects from the earliest stages of development until the end of the project.