Sara Grandi is a self-employed accountant with 18 years of experience as an employee in international groups covering various roles through the years from auditor to Financial Controller and CFO.  She is a Certified Public Accountant in New York State, U.S.A., where she worked at the beginning of her career. She implemented, managed and carried out the accounting and reporting function of start-up and established businesses, she provided assistance in project financing of power plants and in corporate operations such as company split, sale, spin-offs.

Grandi Financial Control Services was established by Sara Grandi in 2013.
It encompasses a variety of services aimed at assisting investors, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals in

  • Controlling and accounting for their business operations
  • Evaluating their business or a potential investment.

Assistance is provided, for example, to

  • Entrepreneurs or managers needing periodical updates on key financial information on their business. Such as cash flow, revenue, costs, profit by product, by client, by region, by activity;
  • Investors, shareholders, managers needing  an analysis of the company accounts, of its profitability, costs, working capital, financial resources, liquidity;
  • Entrepreneurs developing a new project or an existing business and needing a business plan with financials;
  • Start-up businesses needing temporary management for the implementation of the accounting, treasury and reporting function.

Financial Control
Sara Grandi expertise as an employee is outsourced to suit specific needs with the highest flexibility. Services include setting up a managerial accounting, budgeting, monitoring costs, billings and profitability, analyses on the company cash flows, capital and debt structure aimed at improving the profitable employment of resources.

Setting-up and compilation of reports with key financial accounting information on the business. Reports can be either in a customized format to be defined with the user, or according to IFRS, Italian principles or US GAAP.

Business Plans
Assistance in the compilation of the financial schedules and in the preparation of the entire business plan package based on the entrepreneur/manager’s input information on the business.

Start-up of the Accounting, Reporting and Treasury Function
Temporary management services which include initial bookkeeping, billings, relations with banks, implementation of the accounting system, of the purchases and billing cycle and of internal controls.