Tania Guillen was born in Mexico City and she there studied Economics and Finance. She moved to Italy to start a new professional experience in Business Consulting in which she has worked since 2008 gaining particular expertise in a vital area for any company: Finance and Credit Management.

With the role of Project Manager Tania has coordinated different projects to help the Companies to increase their efficiency by reviewing their internal processes in order to increase the profitability.

Creden SpA
is an Italian consultancy firm that provides customised solutions to clients for efficient management of their liquid corporate assets through optimisation of the order-to-cash process.

Our aim is to assist our clients in the start-up phase and beyond.
We are specialised in managing credit processes: defining appropriate payment terms, accounting part of invoice issues, with the process concluding with receipt of payment.

Creden acts as partner and supplier for any order-to-cash process solution, either through implementation of optimal internal processes or direct management via an outsourcing arrangement. This ranges from the evaluation for credit risk of new customers through to the definition of the best debt recovery strategy. Our goal is to optimize our clients’ sales with the assurance that payment will be received in the shortest possible time and with the lowest risk of insolvency.

Our team is composed of 80 people – economists, engineers, lawyers – with strong experience in the following fields:

  • Process Engineering: our consultants work directly with clients to provide assessment or support regarding any specific issue where improvement is needed.
  • Outsourcing: our staff focuses on cash collection for a specific portfolio of receivables assigned by the client.
  • Human Resources: we have a department dedicated to the search and selection of qualified personnel to fill various roles within client companies.

Credit Management Process Engineering
For a strategic management of the business, we support our clients in developing and executing credit management processes, from the acquisition of new customers through to all further phases, such as contract order management, invoicing and customer care.

Full Outsourcing
We manage all outsourced processes from our offices and those of our clients.

Human Capital Management
We select human resources to support our clients in any activity in the fields of accounting, finance and credit management. We also help start-up companies, providing coaching to their employees for them to develop, manage and execute credit processes.


Creden’s recent clients: Axopower Srl, Bialetti SpA, Bluvacanze SpA, Cargill Srl, Carl Zeiss, CBS Outdoor, Eas SpA, Estra Energie Srl, Europcar SpA, Gritti Gas Srl, Officine Maccaferri SpA, Matrix Io Pubblicità SpA, Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan), Sacchi Elettroforniture SpA, Sorgenia SpA.
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