Born in Milan in 1966, Claudio Magni graduated in Psychology of Work and Organisations at the top-level University of Padua, later obtaining an MBA in Development and Personnel management.

He has worked over the years as a consultant in all areas of activities that involve company employees and as a manager in the role of HR Director.

Creden is an Italian consultancy company that provides customised solutions to support its clients to manage efficiently their corporate processes. Our aim is to assist our clients in their start-up phase. Starting a new business is a particular moment in the life of a company, a moment in which specific skills are required that are different from those needed for business as usual activities. Thus Temporary Management is the best solution at this stage of a company’s life, when the knowledge of the rules, processes, the market and the ability to build the rules and a team are a must to ensure success.

Creden can also act as partner and supplier for any solution regarding order-to-cash processes, by implementing the best internal process to be followed or managing them as part of an outsourcing arrangement, from the evaluation of new customers for possible credit risk through to the definition of the best debt recovery strategy. Our goal is to optimise our clients’ sales, with the assurance of payment being received in the shortest time and with low risk of insolvency.          

Our team is composed of 80 people – economists, engineers, lawyers, psychologists – with strong experience. Creden has managed several start-up, merger and company reorganisation projects, involving various different Temporary Managers in key functions, also dealing directly with the search for and co-ordination of the workgroup.

Process Engineering
Our consultants work directly with our clients for assessment or support regarding any specific issue that needs to be improved.

We are specialised in cash collection for specific portfolios assigned by our clients.

Human Resources
We have a department dedicated to the research and selection of qualified personnel to fill the various different company roles. Creden has significant experience with direct Temporary Management assignments, for the creation and revision of procedures, profile and ability mapping, and the re-engineering of organisational and human capital.


Creden’s recent clients: Axopower Srl, Bialetti SpA, Bluvacanze SpA, Cargill Srl, Carl Zeiss, CBS Outdoor, Eas SpA, Estra Energie Srl, Europcar SpA, Gritti Gas Srl, Officine Maccaferri SpA, Matrix Io Pubblicità SpA, Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan), Sacchi Elettroforniture SpA, Sorgenia SpA.
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