Luca Pellegrini, president of TradeLab, is professor of Marketing at IULM University of Milan. He graduated at the University of Venice and received his M.Sc. and M.Phil. in Economics at the London School of Economics.

is a research and consulting company, established in Milan in 1999, focused in the field of marketing and retailing. Italy has a very complex retail system, with 750,000 outlets, and the organization of an efficient distribution strategy is vital to operate successfully in the country.

TradeLab assists manufacturing and retail companies in gathering information on their sector of activity, designing the proper channel mix, contacting intermediaries and assessing the potential of different store locations using geo-marketing models. We can also assist in the design of stores and in organizing temporary store activities.

TradeLab has consolidated know-how in many sectors and, particularly, in the fast moving consumer goods and in pharmaceutical, personal care, food and food service markets. In 15 years of activity, TradeLab has provided its services to more than 200 companies. In the fast moving consumer goods and food sectors, to retailers like Auchan, Carrefour, Metro and Coop Italia, and manufacturers such as Barilla, Coca Cola, Nestlé, P&G, Unilever and many other market leaders. In the pharmaceutical and personal care sectors, to companies like Johnson&Johnson, Novartis, L’Oreal, Pfizer, Roche and Sanofi Aventis. In the out-of-home-market to Autogrill, Heineken, Illy, Lavazza and Mc Donald’s.

Market Analysis
TradeLab has proprietary databases of the networks of grocery stores, pharmacies and food service outlets operating in Italy. It also holds the only database of wholesalers operating in the food service market.   

Channel Mix
In an increasingly complex retail environment, with a multitude of stores operating in different channels and significant geographical differences, TradeLab can help design the right channel mix to reach desired consumer targets.

Selection of intermediaries

In 15 years of activity, TradeLab has established contacts with intermediaries operating in all the main industries and can assist companies in selecting the proper partners to operate in Italy both at the wholesale and retail level.

Store Locations

TradeLab has developed statistical models to evaluate the market potential of entire regions and districts as well as micro-markets and single stores. We also can assist in the complex procedures needed to open large stores and shopping centres.

Store Design

Directly operated or controlled (i.e. franchising) store chains have become increasingly important. We can help to select potential franchisees, and also to design store formats and accompany a client in their roll out in the Italian market.

Temporary Stores
Temporary stores can be an effective way to test a market, measuring the interest for the products a company offers and collecting information on consumer perceptions. We can organise temporary activities in all the most important Italian cities and shopping centres.