Paolo Comini, with a career oriented throughout towards marketing & sales, and distinguished by a thirst for innovation and new trends, is a pioneer of the pop-up store in Italy and the CEO of Sidecar Eventi - a Temporary Shop Network.

GEMH (Garibaldi EXPO Milan Heart)
is a network of enterprises which features high professional standards and will organize, during the Milan Expo 2015, a stimulating project, full of events, shows and international initiatives in Corso Garibaldi, a most central and strategic Milan street.

is creating a peculiar circuit that will provide an innovating street stage, totally fitting in with the present territorial marketing strategy. Today, events are proactive marketing tools, levers that attract investment and financing, and create significant and multiplier effects on gain. An increasing number of companies are linking their name to events, to get their benefit return.

Companies are aware of this importance and their interest in the ventures, also related to the cultural sector, has grown extraordinarily in Italy. Modern companies are attentive to the need to get a proper role that engages them in areas of everyday life, so as to fulfill their social responsibility chart, linked to the importance of reaching specific consumers’ target during fun and cultural activities, which can be relaxing and engaging as well.

Compared to other marketing efforts, sponsorship of cultural, artistic and aggregation events, GEMH offers particular advantages related to the possibility of contacting the public directly by building their own database useful for future studies, the opportunity to showcase their products and services and to distribute samples on the spot and, finally, the chance to work as an exclusive.

All these events together will help the Companies to get in touch with external stakeholders such as opinion leaders, media, public relations as potential partners. Last but not least, the advantage of tax deductibility for Arts & Culture corporate sponsorships should be considered.


GEMH assists the sponsoring companies with:

  • Press and Public Relations

  • Websites: Development and Maintenance

  • Guerrilla Marketing

  • Management and Staff Training

  • Geo-localized Branding

  • Event Design and Implementation

  • E-Paperwork

  • Promotion and Territorial Marketing

  • Organisation of Conferences, Lectures, Food & Wine Tastings

  • Branding Structures

  • Shares in Co-Branding

  • Lighting Installations

  • Management Retail

  • Customs Clearance of Goods