Matteo A.V. Fugazza, born in Milan in 1970, is partner and co-founder of SAFmilano, partner and co-founder of GARDENESK, and partner of the Italian division of TUBUS SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL.

He graduated at the School of Architecture in Politecnico di Milano and was enrolled in the Italian Register of Architects in 2000, becoming a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2012.

Studio Associato Fugazza (SAFmilano) was founded in 2002 as a natural evolution of the professional activity initiated by Mr. Angelo Ugo Fugazza in 1970, the year in which he, after professional qualification, continued the family tradition in the office of his uncle Mr. Ruggiero Micheloni.

For 40 years the office has aimed to provide services of absolute professionalism through a continuing professional education, diligent monitoring of the regulation processes and a focus on the patterns and trends in the real estate market. Tirelessly seeking to provide our customers with a quality product, that is most in line with their expectations, has become our standard of operation.
For decades SAFmilano has planned, designed and successfully implemented projects for public and private clients, with highly professional attention on every aspect from contracting through the organisation of the construction site, up to the completion of the works.

We offer support to private operators and public administrations in the resolution of urban planning issues and in the estimation and evaluation of transformation strategies and real estate development, in the widest fields. Our services range from planning of the territory to building transformation, from strategic assessment to real estate estimation.

Real Estate Consultancy
For decades SAFmilano has offered a high level professional consulting service on all aspects of architecture and public and private real estate matters, directed at solving specific problems in the fields of asset management, building renovations and legal, administrative or strategic issues.

Building Design
Since 1970 SAFmilano has developed public and private projects, from the preliminary stage to final acceptance and the closure of the works. The experience acquired in over 40 years of business, are articulated in all areas of public and private construction, embracing: residential, industrial, sports, office, hotel, retail, and infrastructure projects.

Interior Design
SAFmilano is able to provide its clients with complete interior design solutions, for single environments or for entire buildings, including the design and creation of furniture or individual customised items, with materials research and lighting design.

Landscape Design
With the support of top professionals and vast experience gained over 40 years, SAFmilano offers design services for large and small outdoor renovation projects, from concept through to final completion.

Contract Support
SAFmilano is able to support the customer in the phase of selecting the construction firm, drafting a procurement contract accompanied by a drafting of a description of the works that is appropriate to the degree of definition of the draft contract.

Feasibility Study
The feasibility studies that SAFmilano offers become an essential documentary and strategic support to the making of appropriate choices and evaluations of the work to be carried out in the field and to the offering of own real estate operations on the market, supported by a document that states the asset potentiality.

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